Artistic impression of Pamela’s painting.

Glicée Fineart paper, ultra matt quality with intense mottled texture. High definition inkjet printing made with the help of the latest printer technology.

Weight (G/M2): 310.

Two sizes:

  • Total print size 508mm x 630mm including 15mm white printed border that delicately frames the image.
  • Total print size 305 mm X 375 mm including 15mm white printed border that delicately frames the image.

The print is stamped with the signature of the artist KJJ and the date of printing.

Possibility to print in other sizes and framing. Please contact us.

Limited series of 50.

This work is protected by copyright and is the exclusive property of KJJ Talent Group.


Pamela is a radiant, natural, spontaneous, balanced and sublime woman. She looks the life with enthusiasm and thinks that we are very lucky to live in our time. 

She is fortunate to have grown up in a family with great human values. She has developed her confidence and self-esteem from a young age, but she remains humble, simple and natural. She has an incredible talent to succeed in everything.

For Pamela, being yourself in a world who is constantly trying to impose something else on you is the greatest challenge. She always stimulating messages of hope such as, “Get rid of what others expect from you”, “Be yourself without the stereotypes of society”. 

Very sociable and fun, she always finds interesting people, which allows her to have a very select agenda of contacts.

Pamela loves animals and for her, nature is a precious place to recharge your batteries.

Her favourite country is Iceland, where she loves to swim in the Blue Lagoon to watch the northern lights with the music of Lady Gaga and Björk.

Pamela, painting by the artist KJJ, made in 2018.

Additional information


30 x 40, 50 x 60

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