• Fine Art inkjet printing of Juana’s painting.
  • Resistant and velvety texture.
  • Ultra matt finish and cottony surface very pleasant to the touch. High definition pigmentary inkjet printing using the latest printer technology.
  • Weight (G/M2): 310.
  • Total print size 468mm X 630mm including 15mm white border.
  • The poster is stamped on the back with KJJ’s signature and the date of printing.

Possibility of printing on other sizes and frames. Please contact us for more information.

Limited edition of 50 copies



“Peace & Love”, “To hell with it, let’s do it! “Stay inspired. Stay Crazy ” Take the risk or lose your chance”, “Do it with passion or don’t do it”, “Don’t dream your life, live your dream”. Juana is a carefree adventurer.

Her life could be a box of surprises. Unfortunately, she has sometimes been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Juana is a victim of a serious accident and has only one leg, but on the other hand, she was born with six fingers on her left hand. For Juana, this is her sign of identity, a part of her originality and exoticism. A defect is also a strength!

A citizen of the world, she loves to travel and get lost in the most unusual places. For her, everything is a source of inspiration. Her extravagant beauty doesn’t leave indifferent, but what strikes the most is her curiosity of mind and strength of character that impresses even the wisest.

An activist for gender equality and women’s freedom, Juana loves defending her beliefs. Art is her main means of expression and advocacy.

Juana’s meeting us in London, at Camden Market. She introduces us to the punk movement and Street Art to the rhythm of David Bowie’s music.

Juana, painting by the artist KJJ, realized in 2018.

Additional information


30 x 40, 50 x 60

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