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Nothing is more authentic than a project born from a dream, from pure intuition. Almadkj is a captivating and sincere creative process that involves meeting people who are passionate about their work, who are demanding, who are looking for perfection and who want to discover new sources of inspiration. “. KJJ

The narrative power of the clothes is much stronger when the spectator is the protagonist. A symbiosis takes place between the character and the person, putting emotions, sensations and authenticity at the heart.


The meticulous search for detail, the demand for quality, refinement in originality, teamwork of passionate people who share the same responsible values to create something unique and lasting.

The desire to create a different art where painting speaks of an era through true stories and messages, to bear witness, to inspire, to make you dream, or simply to provoke a smile.

Stories carrying hope, positivism, humour, symbols to appropriate, as if the characters were the mirror of our own intimacy. 

Offering a real experience, erasing the distance between the clothes and the person who wears them by creating a complicity between us, by putting emotions and sensations at the center. In finality, to allow you to live a moving experience thanks to paintings that are made to be understood and that travel through the clothes while remaining close to their soul mate.

“ Authenticity, freedom, respect, sincerity. Finding harmony between what we wear and who we are in order to assert themself and to beautify themselves. To create something authentic, we must be oneselves and not be afraid to become what we have always been.”. KJJ


The characters reveal themselves without complex and are wearer of messages imbued with noble values, such as the claim of the singularity of each being, freedom, respect for the others and the environment, solidarity, and authenticity. 

These values are those of the brand, which is constantly searching for quality through expertise and interpersonal skills. 

It is this constant search for quality that has led us to work in collaboration with Spanish and French professionals who are passionate about craftsmanship, innovation and tradition.

And we hope that these values endure over time as if each piece could serve as an example and bear witness to our times, to who we are or who we aspire to be. 

“It all started from a dream but it was so real that I felt like I was in real life. When I let my imagination speak, it was so powerful that I couldn’t stop it.

The project to create my brand was not calculated at all. It came naturally, as if it were a matter of course. I let myself go into this new adventure because I wanted to create something authentic that looks like me.” KJJ


Katia Juanino Juez (KJJ) is Franco-Spanish: she was born in France and spent her childhood in Madrid. She is one of four siblings and was brought up in a traditional Spanish family. Her parents gave her an easel, the key element that would introduce her to the artistic creation and in the future lead her to create her own brand.

She arrives in France at the age of 26 with dreams and the intention of living great experiences. Passionate about her studies in physiology, she lives enriching professional experiences that are all centred on her passion for the human being.  

It was in 2018, after having a dream, one night, that she decided to spend herself to an authentic project reflecting the values that she is attached. 

It was first of all her need to tell us importants moments in her life, her childhood dreams influenced by her two countries: France and Spain, that gave birth to her paintings. Her paintings are sincere, authentic, lively, with characters that carrying powerful messages. The creation of clothes came afterwards in a natural way, from a desire to make other experiences for her characters and to make her project real and accessible. So, Almadkj was born.

The creation of this brand, is the soul of the designer who expresses a desire for intimacy as opposition to any form of ostentation but by adding a shift key.

She names its brand with a name that already resonates as the essence of her values.

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